Welcome to KIP Center for Leadership.

Since its inception, the KIP Center for Leadership has always placed human capital 
at the centre of its mission. 
We consider ourselves to be a shaper of talents, a catalyst for change, a link towards
the future you envision. 
This is the heart of what we do: we listen to your needs, get to the core of your challenges, 
connect with resources and transform. 
We try to bring in the best knowledge and know-how from around the world. 
We have changed the outlook of thousands of managers through both our 
open and customized programmes, most of these executives coming from 
the TOP 100 companies in the region.
Through trusted expertise, innovative methodologies, customized approach and impactful delivery, 
a partnership with KIP Center is an investment that yields tremendous benefits. 
Companies trust the KIP brand because Knowledge Is Power.
We inspire people to flourish.